Ynez (AT) Makey Makey Project Submission: Spelling Game for children with Contractures

Below is Ynez’s (@ypeterso) project submission for the Makey Makey Contest. This thread will be used to develop this project during the Makey Makey course Dec 3- Jan 26 2021.

Ynez’s Project involves making a pillow cover for children she works with who have contractures, using the pillow as the ground, (loop is within the child.)
Please feel free to reply to this thread to post progress, to ask questions, or to add input, ideas or suggestions!


Looks like we already have a couple experience Makey Makers! Ynez and David(looks like he hasn’t sign on here yet) We’ll send you a survey to find out what experience you have and what you want to learn.

I like the idea of being able to modify the size of the contact area to match the user’s abilities as they practice and develop. The conductive fabric seems like a good way to obtain a less obtrusive connection from earth/ground to the user as well.


Another thought is you could remap some of the other inputs to get additional letter / words. (e.g. Remapping Your Makey Makey)


I really like @MMC_Jake’s idea to remap Makey Makey to new letters to make words!

Here is a post about remapping: https://makeymakey.com/blogs/blog/fun-fact-friday-remap-your-makey-makey

You could also make a tap or pressure switch for each letter so kids could tap out words. Here’s a build guide: https://makeymakey.com/blogs/how-to-instructions/makey-your-own-exit-ticket-or-data-tracker

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Notes from Troubleshooting session

Idea: Make pillow cover children she works with has contractures, has fabric hasn’t started.
Wants to use pillow is the ground, loop is within the child.

Challenge: Want to use to connect to scratch to say letters, can use up down left right on front
Try mapping 18 inputs if you use back https://makeymakey.com/blogs/blog/fun-fact-friday-remap-your-makey-makey
Try using bracelet as ground instead ? Placing the bracelet on the contracted extremity
Provided ideas to facilitate finger/hand extension through touch of cold input for facilitatory effects (cold banana/fruits, yogurt/shaving cream)

This is a pillow you sit on. One fabric connects to earth and another fabric connects to space