We are looking for participants : Cursor Measurement Tool

We are looking for participants to test the Cursor Measurement Tool which is a tool under development to help users and AT professionals to find the range of cursor speeds of pointing devices that people use on their mobile device or tablet.

If you have difficulty using your hands and arms and have trouble using a traditional mouse or track pad very well or use an alternative mouse pointing device (Quadjoy, Jouse, LipSync, trackball etc …) we could use your help with a study looking at pointing devices.

We are looking at the range of cursor speeds that people use on their mobile device or tablet. What is the acceptable fastest speed you need?

Do you find your current speed setting limiting? What is the slowest speed you need to do detailed work like drawing a straight line across the screen freehand?

The ideal candidate would need to have experience using pointing devices with mobile devices or tablets.

Help us provide feedback to designers so that they can get it right for you. Participants will be paid a $55 honorarium for a 30 minutes session that you can do in your own home. Please contact rd.info@neilsquire.ca if interested. The Research and Development Group of the Neil Squire Society is always striving to learn what works for you so that we can inform designers on what you need in the next generation of products. Please get involved and make you preferences heard.


@zhangcu2 @ConnorM @tracyfleming @david.markowitz Anyone come to mind? @mlevac

@Omar interested?

@ZKv @MMC_Milad is this is only for tablet and mobile device users, or is this open to individuals who use those devices with a computer as well?

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Tablet and mobile device are preferred. We need more testers for those tablet and mobile device as we had had mostly computer testers. Usually do a test run on computer to explain how the tool works and then repeat it on tablet or smartphone.

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