Valerie (AT Training Consultant/SLP) Makey Makey Project Submission

Below is Valerie’s (@valill) Project submission for the Makey Makey Contest. This thread will be used to develop this project during the Makey Makey course Dec 3- Jan 26 2021.
Please feel free to reply to this thread to post progress, to ask questions, or to add input, ideas or suggestions!


Really like your idea! My students use those symbols as well. Will be interested to see how you get the playdough to stay attached to the plastic symbols. I know metal thread is made for 3d printers but have never used it, or know how much it costs.

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Cool idea! I’ve seen these tactile symbols before - they would be a great addition to the MMC library.

Similar to what @ypeterso mentioned, there is electrically conductive filament. We did some testing in the past and it was possible to use that filament to connect to capacitive sensors like the Makey-makey. We melted a little copper solder braid into the object printed with the conductive filament to connect to it. There are a few challenges: it tends to be fairly expensive, it’s usually only available in one color (black), and not all printers are able to use it. But definitely worth experimenting with.

Will be interested to see if there are other ways to make the tactile symbols themselves conductive.
Edit: Conductive paint could be a neat option.