Undetermined Mount for AAC/iPad Pro(Brooklyn NY)

Author: @Zeek

Description of Idea:
From user @Daniel

My 9 y/o son needs arm mount to assist with communication devices. We would like to use it with different chairs he utilizes throughout the day. We have the big red n mini red button along w/ a scanning board. If possible a mount for his 12.5 iPad Pro or a wireless switch. Thank you so much :blush:

MMC Entry I.D: 6288

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Submission from switch expression of interest form from nyc collab event series.
@loretodalt @emaker @Professor.Zia @stephengduke Once Adam at Adaptive Design joins the forum, wondering if he can help with this one?

I emailed the user to invite to the forum but also have contact info if needed.(ya’ll have access to the spreadsheet to call as well)

@bingfangchen @angelika @Joanbeatrice @annybaezsilfa @NicoleNavarro

I can try and reach out to this request to get more details and maybe we can bring this up at our next monthly meeting (4/1) for ideas. We might have the PCB boards by then to make one of the wireless switch interfaces for her?

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You might want to double check with Tamara and Adam re if they are handling this or not. I am trying to get them on the forum. I will send another reminder re the forum to them soon.

Adaptive Design is following up and will reach out if need support.

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Great-once I hear back I will move to solution in development

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