Twist Tie Mount

STAGE Prototype
PROJECT NEED Agility / Dexterity, Other
CREATED BY Scott Dougherty
CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE attribution-4-0-international

This project was designed as an affordable mounting solution that could be easily repositioned to support a proximity sensor for a child with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It uses a clamshell design to position a 1/4″- 20 UNC screw at the end of a commercially-available twist tie (NiteIze Mega GearTie). The 1/4″-20 UNC screw is also compatible with cameras and may be used with other assistive switches using an appropriate adapter.

The hex mount consists of two halves that are fastened around the end(s) of a flexible twist tie.The twist tie can then be wrapped around a chair, table, bed, or other surface for temporary mounting. For permanent mounting, an optional base can be printed to secure the cable to a flat surface. The flexible twist tie can be cut in half or secured midway along its length to allow for mounting options at both ends of the twist tie.

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