Toys Switch and Mount

Author: @Zeek

From user @Kirston
Description of Idea:
Hello I would like several switches and possibly an interface and mount. Our dear friend has offered to build us some adaptive toys. We’ve been swamped with medical appts and I have yet to research where to find supplies. This would help get our little guy some toys he can actually use!

MMC Entry I.D: 6213

@SRv here is the request I added manually if you could touch base and try to get them on the forum with more details that would be great. thx!

@jbengall1 or @15lpc1 @alicesant can you help with this one? This request came through differently than the normal channels so I added it manually. I just contacted the requester to invite them to loin to the forum so hopefully they will be on here soon with more info.

Hi @Kirston,
What types of switches are you looking for?
Some options:
Light Touch Switch:
Tear Drop Switch:

Are you located in Canada?

Thank you,
Jordana :slight_smile: :smile:

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Happy to help with this one if it makes more sense with the location! Let me know!

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@15lpc1 and @jbengall1 thanks to both of your for being so awesome! I will reach out again today!