Toy and Undetermined Switch

Author: @Zeek

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Submitted by user: @Cheyenne
We are new to even the understanding of switches and how they can be used. Our son has spastic quadriplegic cp from a brain injury at birth and we believe it would really benefit him to be able to interact with his toys that he really enjoys already but we have to turn them on. The switch would allow for some independence and add to the joy of his play experience and ours in watching him be able to interact with his toys on his own!

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Can May We Help in Ohio Help with this?

@ZKv I am sure May We Help in Ohio, probably Columbus can work on this project. If Cheyenne submits a request through our website, it will get the process started. This is the link: I will tell the Ohio project coordinator to expect this request.

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Did Cheyenne receive the switch and adapted toy?