Textured Switches!

Hello All!

Just wanted to share something I thought you all would find interesting/useful! The idea of textured switches has come up a few times; so I’ve been trying out different methods and I found that printing without the bottom layers gives a pretty fantastic result! A lot easier than creating a separate model for each texture; and also allows for smaller details.

The texture is dependent on the infil you use; in my examples im using hexagon, hibert curve and archemidean chords.

By Using a modifier cube in PrusaSlicer I was able to set the horizontal bottom shells to 0 on the lower part that will be the top while not disrupting the other geometry in the print:

And Im Sure you all want to see what they look like printed, so here you go:

Tried a colour swap and it works beautifully! also messed around with multiple infil patterns via modifier shapes:


@MMC_Ariel those look pretty great! Thanks for sharing!

@MMC_Ariel That’s such an easy way to add texture (and contrasting color)!

THANKS for sharing!

Any issues with bed adhesion?

@KenHackbarth A little yes, a brim solves that though!