Tactile Rotor VoiceOver Knob

Requestor: Danielle
Location: Winnipeg, Canada
MMC Project Link: https://www.makersmakingchange.com/project/tactile-rotor-voiceover-knob/
MMC Website Entry Identification: 4941

I work with children with visual impairments. I’d love to try using this tactile rotor to teach students about using the rotor in a concrete way.

I can print this for you. I have various filaments… what colour would you like?


Hi Justin, thanks for reaching out and offering to assist with this request. Can you tell me are you in Manitoba ??

No, I’m in Ottawa. But at least I’m in the same country! :blush:

I expect shipping will be in the order of $15.

Let me know if you want me proceed.

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Thanks Justin,

I will let you know. If I can find a local maker that of course is a good option. Many many thanks for offering to help and I’ll get back to you if necessary.

Have a great day and thank you so much for your continued support and volunteering with Makers Making Change.

Best regards






Hi Justin-thx so much for offering to help! I don’t think Danielle is on the forum yet but I will send her an email showing her how to get on here!

I’ve connected with Danielle and am working on this. Marc


You da best! Will check in periodically on program. Myself or @MMC_Suzanne can help anytime if needed!

First one is already done. Have messaged Danielle to meet up and review.


@MMC_Suzanne Marc had delivered both the stand and rotor. Both projects have been completed and Marc was wonderful to work with.


Thanks so much for the update @marchache1717 and @danobrodeur and thanks for being a part of this project!

@danobrodeur - I did a recent test print for this project as well. Would be very interested to hear about how well it works and if you have any ideas for improving it.

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