Super Switch operated Scissors Maker Plan

I need switch operated electric scissors for my kindergarten student. They are costly. I am wondering if the cheaper battery operated scissors on Amazon could be adapted to work with a switch. Maker design suggestions for the conversion and 3d printed base would be appreciated.

Example Adapted Scissors
Example Scissors

Scissors that may work with a switch
Basic Electric Scissors


Can you tell us where you are based? It might be helpful to connect with other makers near your location.

Sure. I am based in Pittsburgh.

Is anyone working on this ? Example provided looks like it would be a fairly straightforward adaptation. The scissors are anywhere from $17 cdn and up. Would be best to have a local (or at least US based) maker do the adaptation part as shipping the adapted scissors from Canada would negate any savings.

The base could easily be 3d printed. I’d be happy to design the STL once the scissors have been acquired but again, probably best to have it printed locally.

Let me know if I can help.


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Thank you for responding! We did figure out how to adapt the scissors. The base design is the part I haven’t figured out yet. I mounted the scissors to a clipboard to make them usable. I am happy to purchase another set of scissors if you are will to design the STL file.
electric scissors picture