Star Master Projector Switch Adapted Toy

Concept by: Tinkered Toy Box

Project Need: Mobility/Physical
Capabilities Needed: Soldering
Project Link:
License: Attribution 4.0 International

The star master projector switch adapted toy is a toy that lights up and spins. It projects the night sky onto the ceiling and walls, and spins slowly to imitate the stars. It has a white light setting and a coloured light setting.

The star master projector toy can be used by plugging in three accessible switches with 3.5mm cables. The switch that controls the coloured light can be pressed once to turn the light on, and pressed again to turn the light off. The switches that control the spinning motion and white light can be held down and the toy will spin or light up for the duration of the hold. Keep the light filter on as use it as a lamp or take the top sphere off to use it as a projector.