Smart cane for visually impaired people

This is a well-documented project that was recently submitted to the website by @rauljosecp. We’d like to get some feedback on the design before publishing in to the website:

This is a project of a smart cane for people with visual disabilities, I attach a link from google drive where you can download everything

Design (Diseño) Folder: Here are the parts to print in 3D

Simplify3D Folder: Here are the STLs

Solidworks Folder: Here are the CAD files

Gcode Folder: Here are the Gcode

Images (Imagenes) Folder: Here is a link that redirects to Instagram where you can see the images

Information (Informacion) folder: Here are 2 PDFs that contain all the information and description of the project.

Plans (Planos) Folder : Here are the electrical, physical, mechanical and assembly diagrams

Arduino Program Folder: Here is the code or .ino program to make the device work

Thingiverse folder: Here is the Link to access the project on Thingiverse

Video Folder: Here is a link that redirects to a YouTube video that explains how the device works

3D view of the complete assembled cane (Vista en 3D del baston completo ensamblado) Folder: Here are several 3D files showing the assembled smart cane

Link to access and download all the content: