Sensory Wearable Chain

This design challenge came from @reginask

This item is for a family’s son who seeks/needs a lot of sensory input on his face/head. He absolutely loves vibration through various hand held massagers and OT tools.

They have used hand held battery operated massagers and OT tools called a zvibe to help with sensory input

Parents would love for him to have a chain that he can wear that with a squeeze they (and eventually he) could turn on himself and lift to his face to help self regulate. The ones they have commercially require turning on in a way that his little hands can’t manage. Developmentally he’s not at a point where he can go and get something but if he can wear it, it will always be with him and eventually he can turn it on himself. He’s not a chewer so the chains that are good for chewing don’t work for him.

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Hi Shanelle! I’m a designer and I’m interested in helping with developing ideas for this project. I have been researching about sensory toys, tactile surfaces and vibrotactile implementations.
Are there some requirements for the switch for turning on the vibration device? Would he be able to use a toggle type switch? Or something else is preferred?
Can he reach up to where a necklace would hang and squeeze? Or is something in the hands preferable? Also may I also ask for the user’s age? (in terms of size of the accessory and how much weight can be carried around his neck)?


I posted this for @reginask . Terri can you answer the above questions?

Thank you for your considerations in this paramount project! I have asked the client to supply the necessary information for you and once I hear from her, I’ll let you know. Thanks again,

Terri at (306) 545-7378
Tetra Regina Community Coordinator

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