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@veronicachase is our Chapter Leader in Seattle Washington!
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Hello everyone. Someone at MMC suggested that I post here as I am in Seattle.

The intent of this post is to let you know that the Memory Loss Music Player exists, is relatively easy to make, and has worked well for group builds.

As the name suggests it’s a music player designed for people with dementia. It’s retro for a purpose – to be usable by people who have much stronger memories of earlier eras than of today. I’m the designer. I was inspired by the profound effect that music has on people with dementia, but frustrated by the [un] usability of modern music players for that audience.

A few quick notes for MMC chapter leaders:

  • I’ve been involved in two group builds, both of which went fairly smoothly, takes ~2 hours
  • Only basic tools required - no soldering
  • The case can be laser cut or 3D printed (or ordered from an online laser shop)
  • It does require prep work before a session e.g. cutting or printing the cases
  • I haven’t done a virtual group build, but should be fine – the detailed build instructions have worked well for solo makers

At the moment, I have some laser cut cases that I am happy to give away.

Questions always welcome.


Thx for posting Ross! @Bham_makerspace has built these before and given them away to local care homes in Bellingham area!

Thought this might be a good build for schools and those who don’t have a 3D printer, but may have someone locally who could laser cut for them?

Tagging some that may be interested so you know where to look for support cuz Ross is awesome!

@ryanhall @MMC_Suzanne @brentcourson @ConnorM @emaker @hazeldine @creationstation3d @Bcampbell @ktulloch @labrewster in case your students are interested in creating something simple to help seniors

No pressure just thought I would connect you to Ross if you need it!

This photo is from Bellingham makerspace’s event


Hi @ZKv thanks for the introduction to @rosswesleyporter. I am interested in helping. There is a large memory care retirement center in our area that would probably be interested in your memory loss music player.

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@brent actually lets transfer this convo over the the thread for Ross’s device-I will past the replies so far if you want t continue the convo here:


Ross did such a good job with the instructions and everything for this build. We are putting together kits so people can build them at home. We may do a zoom hosted build this first time in case people have questions.

The end product is very attractive and works beautifully!
~. Mary


Hi everyone-I am going to archive this thread because I have combined the Seattle Tacoma and Bellingham chapters to one new thread since they are all located very close together.

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@rosswesleyporter Ross if you’d like to re-introduce yourself there that’s the best place to do it. @Bham_makerspace

@MMC_Pran can you create an archived chapters section for any re arranging that needs to be done?