Reusable Cup holder

Author: @tlmwong

Description of Idea:
I would love to have holders made for my daughter’s cups. I have tried to purchase multiple different choices on the market and alter them myself, but they are still not working well for her.
I am hoping to get something like a double eared sippy cup holder idea. But would like it to fit onto “adult cups” ( eg. starbucks resuable cups)

It wiuld also need to have a thicker handle so that there is actually something to grasp onto. And some how not make the cup too much heavier.
Please contact me!
I am sure that this is an item many individuals would be interested in.

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Good morning,

My sons and I would be happy to help you. I am a quadriplegic that uses a 3D cupholder. It fits all kinds of cops including Starbucks, Tim Hortons, etc. I use 1/2 L Mason jar with a sippy cup lid for my normal drinking.

If you send us a photo of what you currently have and what you would like different we are more than happy to help you work on it.

Jim Ryan and sons


Came across this design that looks reasonably close:

How do I contact @TimWong?

We are trying to help but do not know how to contact him.

Did this solution get resolved? Again, my sons and I are more than willing to help.

Please let us know what the status of this is.



@tlmwong and @jimchilliwack
How is this project proceeding? I worked on the same issue. The twist is that Id like to see a parametric model that the user could modify him/herself. Maybe I can contribute if opensource design is ok!?

We never heard anything at all so nothing has been done.

@jimchilliwack, hi I’m new here but as a researcher I’m interested in co-designing and namely co-creation. I hope to get a paper published that will explain further.
We did a small trial with a 3D printed cupholder but our participants (patients) did not really need it.
Not essentially different from the pinshape by @MMC_Jake. What I find is that these pinshape designs are not easy to modify as the source design is inacessible.
If @tlmwong is still interrested we could maybe create something generally useful.
P.S. what does it mean that there are 6 users? If it was not finished?

Unfortunately, we’ve tried on several opportunities to contact and follow-up with @tlmwong and have not been successful. I think there are likely others that could benefit from a truly open-source, customizable version of this design.

@thorsenrune1 the 6 users means that 6 people have engaged on this particular thread.

Edit: Existing Swivel Cup Holder is not interchangeable here.

Nice to hear from you Rune. Of course, we would like to help. It does sound like there is a need for a simple design that can be adapted from user to user. It seems to me it would be the shape and size of the handles, not the shape and size of the cupholder. I feel the plan would be to offer what the first person needs and then asked for other input. A few simple designs that could be easily adapted to either bigger, smaller, or a mix of 2 types of handles should only be one more step. There is a probable need to have someone available in a timely manner to help assist with modifications of the design as well as being available print these cupholders and be able to ship them to the person in need.

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This is Teresa (
I am just reading the messages to my ask for a cup holder.
I am looking for a way to make holding a cup easier for my daughter. ( cup handles). We have tried many in the market that do jot work. She is unable to grasp a cup as she does not have the strength or dexterity of her fingers. She has large movements not small coordinated ones.

I would be looking to get a couple of cups done that she could use on a consistent basis.
Thank you
I can also be reached at 403-680-9987.


Hi @tlmwong . I’m new to the forum so I’m not quite sure how MMC works yet. I don’t think you want to share personal information in the forum. On the other hand, if I respond via private message, we lose potential contributors.

However, my research interest is to understand better how we can co-create. Centering it around your daughter, it would be nice to know a bit more about her capabilities in participating. Does she draw? Does she have an idea for the solution? Otherwise you as a mother may stand in ? What is the current solution?

I believe it works well starting with a simple questionnaire (Individually Prioritised Problem Assessment) which is a very simple questionnaire.

We may share a CAD (computer aided design) which will allow us to work together. I’m in Italy so maybe it would be better if a maker near you e.g. @jimchilliwack can print it.

I think we should make a Zoom call to get down to business. Will it work for you?

Thank you. Yes a zoom call would work.

@timwong and @jimchilliwack. Very good, lets meet on zoom. I
'm 9 hrs ahead so can we do something like 8 o’clock morning which will be 17 o’clock for me? Lets say next week?

That works for me.
The only day i could not do is Monday.

I can only be available after 10 AM Vancouver time due to my morning routine to get me out of bed (I am a quadriplegic). So any time after 1900 your time would be appreciated.

But I be able to add one of my sons, or maybe 2, to the conversation? They are the ones with the 3D printers in our quite well informed on these issues.