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I run a small nonprofit out of Seattle Washington called the TSF ( I don’t have a intended purpose for this voice control switch at this time but I find it very intriguing and I’m sure I could come up with an application for.
Thank you very much I certainly appreciate the help!

MMC Project Link:
MMC Forum Link: VoiceSwitch by Milad Ha

@Bham_makerspace can you help with this for Tyler?

FYI - Most Adafruit parts should be available through one of their distributors (e.g. Digikey).

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What is your timeline? Forgive me, but school is just starting up and my life just got wild. So I will need to find one of our members who might be able to take this on. Will you have access to an Echo or is that also something that is needed? I am certain we can obtain the other parts easily.

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@tschrenk welcome to the forum! Mary(above) has a question for ya!

@Bham_makerspace It’s all good.
Adding some vendor options from another thread from @MMC_Milad:

ESP32 options:
1-Adafruit HUZZAH32 – Elmwoodelectronics
2-Adafruit HUZZAH32(pre-soldered) -

If you are willing to make a minor change in the code:
1-COVVY ESP32 Development Board 2.4GHz

3.5mm Cable to bare wire options:
1-Right-Angle 3.5mm Stereo Plug to Pigtail Cable
2-Fancasee (2-Pack) Replacement 3.5mm Male Plug to Bare Wire
You can cut one end of a dollar store 3.5mm mono jack cable as well.

Battery option:
1-Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v, 900mAh
2-Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v 2000mAh

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no hurry just very grateful for the help!

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@Bham_makerspace no rush, just let me know if and when you find someone who can make it, then I will make sure to move this request to “In Progress”

While this looks like a fun project, Alexa controllable light switches and outlets are dirt cheap.

@tschrenk I just don’t know if we can make one any cheaper than you can just buy them…

Not to mention safer as most of the off the shelf solutions are probably UL or CSA safety certified.

Unless there is something specific that solution couldn’t handle but this could?

~. Mary

@MMC_Milad thought you might have some input on this?

That is a different solution for different purpose. The version I made was to control adapted devices through 3.5mm jacks via Alexa.

The smart plug allows you to control an AC plug through Alexa.
I would be very careful with buying off brands as surprisingly there are many smart plugs on Amazon with no certification or fake stickers.


does switch work for anything that takes switch input who are the 3.5 Mm Jack? or just Alexa? Awesome thing though! @MMC_Milad

@tschrenk this system uses an Amazon Echo to capture a voice command from a user. Alexa then triggers a custom applet that connects through the IFTTT service to send a signal to the little microcontroller which then acts like a switch. It should be compatible with most devices that have the 3.5 mm jack input. There is a limit to how much current the microcontroller can handle, so it may not work with heavy duty switch adapted toys, for example.

This could be combined with a suitable switch outlet adapter (e.g. AbleNet Powerlink) to control a 120V appliance, fan, etc, though there are less expensive ways to do that. (Like an Alexa-compatible Wi-Fi enabled plug @MMC_Milad mentioned above)

Instead of using an Amazon Echo / Alexa, this could also be used with a different IFTTT trigger. There are ton of different things that can be used to trigger an action on IFTTT (e.g. SMS, email, date/time, Twitter, etc, etc). Note that IFTTT recently changed their pricing; the free version now only allows 3 applets.

Hope that helps.

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@MMC_Jake I probably need add those information to the github repository as well. I will do all the documentation for the relay version.

@tschrenk There are definitely many different ways to do it but user can use the requirements to narrow down options.

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Just to clarify, this is still something you are wanting? Do you have an echo? Thanks.

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