Request for VoiceSwitch (Orange Park, FL )

Request for VoiceSwitch (Orange Park, FL )

Request Note:
I am an specialist for the visually impaired, and recently went to the ATIA 2020 conference. They talked about these wonderful makermakingchange, and this is my first request. Thank you very much.

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Hi @chelatav Could you email us at if you’d still like for us to complete this project? Thanks!

@chelatav did you get in contact with @labrewster? Adafruit is closed right now, but when they open the Roaring Riptides (@labrewster’s robotics team) can make the voice switch for you

Hello, so sorry for the delayed response. I would still like the voice activated switch when your available to make it. I hope you are staying safe and healthy.


Hi Michela (@chelatav). We have located the equipment/Bill of Materials needed for the Voice Switch, which will total around $175. We wanted to contact you with a little more information. Can you email us at


@MMC_Milad is there anyway to get parts cheaper? Didn’t see a cost estimate on the site. Can’t order yet anyways cuz the Adafruit factory is closed

This should not cost more than US $30 if you get the parts from right places. The main board doesn’t need to be same and you can get cheaper ESP32 Boards for as low as $10.

I will add the parts and estimated cost.

Also keep in mind that this project doesn’t have a relay at output so it won’t work in devices running higher voltages. I will have the updated version with a relay soon.

can you suggest some places? Not sure if the Riptides @labrewster are buying locally or not. Can you tag the riptide who is taking this on? May be a useful thread for them to follow. Jackson? Don’t see him on here yet

@labrewster @MMC_Zee

ESP32 options:
1-Adafruit HUZZAH32 – Elmwoodelectronics
2-Adafruit HUZZAH32(pre-soldered) -

If you are willing to make a minor change in the code:
1-COVVY ESP32 Development Board 2.4GHz

3.5mm Cable to bare wire options:
1-Right-Angle 3.5mm Stereo Plug to Pigtail Cable
2-Fancasee (2-Pack) Replacement 3.5mm Male Plug to Bare Wire
You can cut one end of a dollar store 3.5mm mono jack cable as well.

Battery option:
1-Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v, 900mAh
2-Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v 2000mAh

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@chelatav Do you still need this device?

Yes, I would like it. Would it work with a computer?

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@MMC_Milad could you answer some questions? re compatible deices

I need more information. You would not need this for computer as you can use software solutions. @chelatav, are you hoping to control something in computer with Alexa? You want to use it with a device that has 3.5mm input jacks.


@chelatav just checking in re this request?
Do you still need this device? I have the robotics team nearby that can likely help