Request for Virtual Joystick

@tschrenk is requesting a Virtual Joystick.

Files can be found here:

Please reply below if you can help!

@Bham_makerspace Another request in Washington(same user) let me know if you can help, otherwise I can tag some others

Can’t front the cost for this one at this time. :frowning:

Oh @manager -you’re not expected to don’t worry! We ask the users to cover cost of materials.

I can tackle this, but it would ship from Brooklyn, NY.

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Let me make sure Mary hasn’t bought any parts for this. In the meantime, could you get an estimate for shipping? Just want to make sure it isn’t going to be too much $$
@tschrenk what do you think of a long distance build? Could you cover the parts and shipping? You two should connect over DM and discuss budget(top right corner click the envelope icon in the drop down twice)

Yep shipping and parts are no problem. Thanks! I will send Steven a message today

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Sounds like Mary hasn’t bought the parts so Tyler should be messaging you shortly! Thanks for offering to help!

Thanks !

Steven- can you send me your address and I can mail you these parts? Thanks again!

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@stephengduke If you two can DM that info that is best for privacy reasons… Thx for taking this on Stephen!


@stephengduke how it going with this request? Just checking in! Let me know if you need anything!

Tyler and I have been in communication, just waiting for the parts :slight_smile:


Awesome-keep me updated and let me know if I can help