Request for Suction-Cup Switch Mount (Fairport, NY, USA)

Requestor: @kzimm0905

Hi! I have a son who is using a communication device and he is using two switches. We need the suction cup mount to help attach to the table at school or it slides too much. I would need a total of 2 of these.

MMC Library Device Link:
MMC Entry .I.D: 6495

Do you envision a suction cup per switch? How should the switch be positioned, in the same plane as the tray? So the user pressed down on the switch or perpendicular to the plane of the tray so the user would use a lateral move right or left to access the switch. What is the diameter of the switches or provide the manufacturer. I can help, just need a bit more info

Two button with suction cup mount.stl (402.6 KB)
Maybe something like this?

Hi, @kzimm0905, just wanted to check in to see if you’re still looking for these.