Request for Rain Drop Switch

Request for a raindop switch(from Sf, not duplicated to site)
Can any makers near Ohio help with this?

@Butzuk do you have any extra raindrop switches ?

@MMC_Zee Yes, I do!!! I can see how many we have at the office. How many are they requesting?

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Just one as far as I can tell- I sent an email with a link to this thread. Let’s wait a couple days to see if we can get them on the forum before we reach out via email again.If we don’t hear soon I will send you send a DM with their email

@Butzuk 2 or 3 switches. Thank you!

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@Butzuk will DM you to gather your address for shipping. I believe the switches she have the materials costs covered right Katie? You will have to pay the shipping if you could get an estimate Katie? Thx!

Yes, I will send Jacob a message now for his direct mailing address and get the quote. The switches are already assembled so it would just be the cost for shipping and handling.


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You’re the best

Any updates on this?

Hi @MMC_Zee. I received @skylarjoehillh mailing address and went to get a quote of the shipping/mailing costs which I have private messaged him but have not heard back to how he would like to proceed.


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Ok I will lave this here “In progress” for now then. Thx for the update! Happy Friday!

@skylarjoehillh Hi ! I hear @Butzuk sent your switches awhile ago! We’d love to hear how your experience was and how they are working out!
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