Request for Personalized Cuff Utensil Holder (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Requestor: @vhunter27

Spoke with Chad, and am looking to try a few devices with a client - customization will likely be needed.

MMC Entry .I.D: 6111

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Happy to help with this requests as well

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@MMC_Chad and I met with the client today. Chad posted an update in this requests

We learnt a lot about how the client uses forks and spoons and the difficultly that they face. We talked through some ideas. The client and I will find a safe way for them to get me forks and spoons they use and I’ll put together some solutions.

We decided to start with a fork and spoon then move to the stylus.
I’ll post updates for the utensil device in the current thread and the stylus in this one.


Found that the palm loop, utensil holder and a utensil bent and 90 degrees should work.
Will be test fitting with individual to see if this will work or further customization is needed. Will still need to customize to their utensils.

Utensil can be bent the other way to use other side, which will make the utensil lower which will prevent the user getting their hand dirty.

Currently the utensil holder is glued to the palm loop, the prints didn’t fit together. Working on this.

cuff w fork

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What do you think of something like this?90 degree angle.stl (9.5 KB)

I can give you the Fusion 360 file if you think it makes sense.


Thanks for this suggestion @KenHackbarth you’re always so helpful!

Hi @KenHackbarth

That’s a great suggestion.
I’m getting the utensils today, if you could share the Fusion 360 file with me I could give it a shot.


Got everything assembled and working together:
• 2 Cuffs (25mm & 35mm)
• 4 interchangeable holders (16mm open ends/one end closed, 17mm open ends/one end closed)
• Set of wedges

Currently coordinating picking and initial test.


Update: The device works great, the client sent me some pictures and a video :grinning:
I’m going to continue working with the client on making a strap version and making a holder for a spoon.


Please put your adaptations on Thingiverse (and let me know where) so that I can point to them from my website and from my entry on Thingiverse.



I’ve been continuing to work with the OT and client and these are some devices that we’ve been working on lately.

  1. Skin coloured and clear devices that blend in better
  2. Ones with braided elastic that can be adjusted

Sure, I’ll do that in the next couple days. The designs I have now are getting finalized.
I redesigned the cuff and used the dove tail dimensions so the utensil holders will fit from your design.

Hey @KenHackbarth, I upload the files here:

@imtiaz, thanks for posting. Consider making the mount as wide as the strap. It’s difficult to print your current design without supports and TPU supports are really hard to remove. Also consider chamfers rather than fillets on the strap. From a comfort standpoint, they’re indistinguishable, but printers struggle with the first few layers of a fillet because they exceed the 45 degree overhang safe limit.