Request for Pen Ball (Pugwash, NS, Canada)

Requestor: @cifacilitator

For a client at an Adult Residential Center.

MMC Entry .I.D: 6884

I am happy to 3D print this for you! Let me know if you would like me to move forward with it

Yes, that would be great. I’m still learning about his whole process but what an awesome program!

Thanks @cifacilitator for making the request and @jessnewhouse24 for offering to print! If either of you have any questions about the process, or anything at all - Just let us know!

Hey @cifacilitator sorry I must have missed your response initially!
Essentially I would print out your request on my 3D printer, ship it out to you, and you would refund me for cost. Feel free to PM me or communicate via another means (like email) so that your information remains private.
Typically I ask if you have anything else you would like printed in addition since it is more cost efficient to have items shipped together :slight_smile:
@MMC_Courtney thanks for following up!