Request for Pen Ball (Maitland, FL, USA)

Requestor: @danisobel46

My grandpa has progressive Parkinson’s and has difficulty with his hand tremors. I am requesting the pen ball so that he can have more ease when it comes to writing. Thank you so much

MMC Entry .I.D: 6388

Hi @danisobel46,

I’d be glad to print and ship from AL. Please let me know if that works.


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@danisobel46 Hello. You could make a pen holder using a tennis ball by cutting a small hole in the top and a small hole in the bottom.

Another thing that might assist him with writing would be the writing templates. They make plastic guides for: lined paper (if he wanted to write a list or a letter), an envelope guide (for addressing envelopes), a check guide, and signature guides. Here is a link to some of the devices mentioned.

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@danisobel46 are you still looking for this device?