Request for Palm Pen Holder (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

Requestor: @lplamond

Hi there,

I am hoping to have this device printed and delivered to a patient I work with in the Edmonton community to be used with a stylus and iPad.

Please contact me for more information. Thank you so much.

MMC Entry .I.D: 6951

@MMC_Tyler can you or some local Edmonton volunteer makers look into this request.



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Hey @miguelhmoliveira ! Not sure how busy your printer is but would you be able to take on this project and print the device? Here is the device library link where the STL can be found. The device only requires one print, a bolt and a nut. I have a bolt and nut that will fit that I can drop off once you are done with the print :slight_smile:

Hi @lplamond @MMC_Tyler , Our printer is down again at rehab tech the nozzel broke and is now stuck in our printer. Has this request been fulfilled? I’m happy to help.

Talk soon,

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@janellesingh I believe @miguelhmoliveira is going to take this one on from a conversation we had yesterday. he will be messaging soon here and connecting with @lplamond soon :slight_smile:

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Hi @lplamond,

I will be happy to print this for you! Have been troubleshooting my printer, but can most likely get it done over the weekend. Sorry for the late reply, it has been a hectic week!



Sorry, forgot to ask…

Any color preferences? I have red, black, white, and blue!


@miguelhmoliveira and @lplamond have been connected via email

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@miguelhmoliveira has delivered the device to requestor

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