Request for Palm Pen Holder (Calgary, AB, Canada)

Requestor: @tlmwong

I am requesting this on behalf of my daughter. Currently at home and school it is done HOH. Would it be possible to have this created where the piece held in the palm is thicker as she has poor grasp, stay on her hand and also be used with multiple different writing instruments? ( eg, pencil crayon, markers, bingo dabber, paint brush…etc)

MMC Entry .I.D: 6501

An industrial padded twist tie may work well for your daughter.
I have used these to twist into a pen holder., for a stylus, utensil, or toothbrush holder.

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We have created Palm Pen holders with customized hole sizes for different items. If you could get me some dimensions on how thick you would like the item as well we can work on getting you the device!

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