Request for Open Rocker Switch (Syracuse NY)

Requestor: @Zeek

From user Lisa Neville
3 open rocker switches would be awesome thanks!

MMC Entry .I.D: 6331

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@ConnorM @tracyfleming once again, just created this to keep track of the switch collab requests Leave any updates here thx!

Hi @Zeek, thanks for your interest in the switch event. We haven’t yet begun our building of rocker switches yet but have plans to make some in the near future. I would encourage you to also make an account on Makers Making Change forum. That way we can contact and communicate with you more easily, and can also tie in others that may be able to help. If you could send me a private message with your address I can better know how close we are to you, and if we aren’t, see if there may be a closer maker group to help you. We are located in Syracuse, NY. Thanks Zeek.

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Hi Zeek is me @ConnorM this one is for Lisa Neville! I will update it I understand you are in contact with Lisa re this right?

Also here’s a helpful hint- if the user name @whatever isn’t highlighted with grey it means they haven’t logged into the forum-so they won’t see the message unfortunately.

Hi @ZKv. I totally put this together yesterday after sending it. Brain fart moment lol, sorry. Yeah, got it now. And yes, I’m in contact with Lisa.

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