Request for Open Rocker Switch (Syracuse, NY, USA)

Requestor: @lisaneville

Hi Makers! The preschoolers in our inclusive school would love to learn to use the Open Rocker Switch. Its lower profile, streamlined design (compared to the commercially available rockers we have) would make is a great option for several kids with very limited mobility and strength. We would be glad to share our ideas about how it works for us and how we use it.
Lisa, MS OTR/L

MMC Entry .I.D: 6050

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Hey @ConnorM have you seen this request? @ZKv @MMC_Pran looks like @lisaneville account needs sorting the tagging isn’t working.

If the username isn’t highlighted when its tagged it means she isn’t signed into the forum

I’ll reach out to Lisa and see if she wants to sign up on the forum. I was actually already aware of this request, and will follow up with her on it. This will be a new device for us (first time making it). We’ve just been waiting to get through this first virtual access switch event before addressing other switch requests.

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Looks like she’s on the site, she just needs to use the same email and pwd to sign in here.

@lisaneville let’s try this, as I think we’ve linked up your forum account. Are you still looking for this request?