Request for Low Tech AT Kit

Request for Low Tech AT Kit

Request Note:
I am a quadriplegic with limited hand and finger function. I am looking for items that may help with independence.

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Hi Ken I am the Community Coordinator, I will connect you with a maker to fulfill your requests!

@will @mlevac @michaeljd33 @mike2 @loretod @FutureMakersAcademy @Bham_makerspace @labrewster can any fulfill this one in Georgia? Same user also has a few other requests if you check under

Hey Zee,

I actually zoomed with this user the other day. He signed up for our virtual hack and he had some accomindation request that I went over with him. How do I see which request are his and which are for Idaho?


I mixed this one up with another one(just edited this) This is something we are working on for the new site, for now I will just tag it or mention in the reply. Best bet is to private message the user to get the exct location @sabramolsee’s request is the one in ID Request for Palm Pen Holder

No worries. I send sambramolsee a message. I can print those items for here. I can also look at printing Ken’s items and put them in the kit we have created for the virtual hacks.

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sabramolsee just replied re thepalm pen in Idaho-Jason from print lab is sending it to her!
Oh great-Ken repied right away so he’s prob online right now. Thanks Matt!

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Hows this one coming along? Just updating the statuses in our database. Let me know! @sabramolsee
If you recieved the device we’d love to hear your review!
Go here and click “review”

I’m so sorry, I clicked your link and left a review. I received the device and print labs did an amazing job.


Thanks so much-enjoy your device!! Archiving this request

@kenbjyoung2 Did you get his device?