Request for LipSync Wireless

Request: “I am looking for acquire a Lipsync controller for a teenage boy with cerebral palsy who I am providing conductive education therapy to. He has recently had a decease in his level of gross and fine movements in his upper appendages and I am hoping to help him regain some of his Independence by setting him up with a device that allows him to control his iPad on his own. We are located in Winnipeg and I was hoping to get the device as soon as possible as he is only scheduled to work with me for a short time during the summer.”

Device is here:

Please reply here if you can help!

@MMC_Suzanne @MMC_Stewart @Pranj @MMC_Courtney Do any of you have a lipsync wireless you can send?

Hi Everybody, this is in hand I am dealing with this. Zee, this is the one I told you about. Chris I’ll be in touch today :slight_smile:

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This has been successfully built and supplied. Can’t wait to hear how the user gets on with everything supplied.