Request for LipSync Switch Input Module (Murrieta, CA, USA)

Requestor: @rick

We are putting together an assistive technology loan closet for San Diego county. I’m requesting 4 each of the LipSync switch input module. I was in contact with Justin Pezzin and he recommended that I get the request in as they work on the shipment to the US. Please let me know what you will need from me. Thank you.


MMC Entry .I.D: 6976

Hi Rick,

I’d like to help you with this request and move towards building the 4 LipSyncs you are requesting.
I am located in CA so shipping should not be a problem.

Please confirm that you are still interested, then we can start working out the best way to acquire the materials, timeline, etc. Feel free to DM me if preferred.

Still interested, thanks for your reply and interest.



Great! I will reach out to you this weekend to set up the details.

Talk soon,