Request for LipSync (Orinda, CA, USA)

Requestor: @wfmautner

I would like an additional Lipsync head unit for my brother as a back-up device for the one he has now. We do not need any of the additional items such as the mount ( not expecting a discount for the deleted items). My brother uses his unit daily and is very dependent on it working. The facility where he is at does not have a lot of technical support so having a back-up unit that can can switched out is very helpful. Thank you.

MMC Entry .I.D: 6420

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Hi @wfmautner,

I’d need to wait on a couple more components to arrive, but I’d be glad to assemble a standard LipSync and ship from AL. Will he need additional filters and mouthpieces?


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Just need the head unit - nothing else. Thanks

OK, I think I can do that! I’ll update when the springs needed for assembling arrive.


We have springs! I think I’ll be able to have the lipsync put together this weekend.

Assembled and programmed. It is missing the light pipe on top and the brass insert in the silver collar for the mount. If you need those added, let me know and I’ll acquire them.

I tested that it moves the mouse in all four directions, but I’m not really solid on QA since this is the second of these that I’ve sent to someone. Can you test it when it arrives?


I can take the brass insert of the original so I guess we can skip that. As to the light, is it needed or just something nice to have?

The light pipe goes right on top, and helps illuminate the light from the board, which can give user some feedback - like when in calibration, speed changes, input being released, etc. It’s not a “broken without” sort of thing, but certainly can lead to troubles without.

It’s also a part that is likely cheaper than a stamp.

Somewhere on my journey’s, someone shared a great little trick - if you cut a bit of glue stick (dont melt it), you can use that. It helps capture the light well.


I’m going to give the glue stick idea a try the next chance I have to work on this. Thanks!

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The Lipsync that my brother presently has, I am told, is operating slowly (not sure what that means since I don’t have the unit in my position). A couple of questions

  1. When can we get the one you are working on - and equally important how do I pay for it? The light on top is not a big deal, so I think it is ready to ship. BTW, I am willing to pay for FedEx shipping to get it quickly.

  2. Is calibrating the device easy and can I do it myself? The facility where he is in is going to allow me to see him (COVID 19 precautions in place) on Sunday at which time I can try to figure out what is really going on.


UPDATE to previous posting.

Found YouTube instruction for calibration - have forwarded them to the facility and hope someone there can take care of that - if not I will do it on Sunday.

Hi @wfmautner,

Let’s get this Lipsync to you! I found my hot glue gun yesterday. I’ll try adding the light pipe after work tonight, and can mail it before work tomorrow.

If calibrating doesn’t help, the buttons on the back of the unit can adjust movement speed too. Glad you found the instructions. Calibrating is easy, but it requires following the instructions pretty closely. He’ll need to calibrate this new one when it arrives too.

I have your address saved. I’d recommend editing it out of your previous post since this forum is public to the whole internet.

I’d need to dig out old receipts to see how much the materials cost, we’ll figure all that out after you have it and can make sure it works.


How do you adjust the speed? I need to learn how to read - found the instruction- couldn’t be easier.

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The LipSync has speed buttons in the back.

Most operating systems have a way to adjust cursor speed too.

When doing the calibration, it can help “reset” the mouse speed. When I do calibration I usually do it with my thumb and without the mouse piece on, just on the luer lock piece. I press hard, so hurts the thumb for a second, but I find that works best.


Lipsync is shipped!

The tracking number isn’t active yet, but when it is I’ll PM it to you.


Mods: I think we can mark this one as complete!

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