Request for LipSync Gaming (Sacramento, CA, USA)

Requestor: @jakekoten

My name is Jake. I am 37 years old and I have ALS. Over the last couple years I have completely lost my ability to use my hands. One of the things I miss the most is playing video games online with friends . It is a real challenge for me to connect with people, because it is hard for me to leave the house.
I have tried to get something like this through my insurance but they won’t cover it.
My daughter is almost old enough to really get into gaming I would love to be able to share that with her. I would be extremely grateful if someone could help make that possible.

MMC Entry .I.D: 7017

Hi, Jake! I’m a maker in Madison WI, and I’ve made a couple of MMC devices before, one of which is the LipSync. I will work with MMC to figure out how I get their assembly kit, and I will make one for you.

This may take a couple of weeks, but I’m excited to build a LipSync again!

@MMC_AutoBot is this a good way to contact someone who can send me a kit for a LipSync for this request?

That would be amazing! I don’t know how exactly this is supposed to work. Do I buy the parts and send them to you? Or do you buy the parts and I reimburse you?

Hi, John,
I have been in touch with MakersMakingChange and they say they have some “logistical problems” getting their kits shipped within the US, so we may have to wait before I can even start.
The way this works is that MMC will send to me a complete kit of parts (other than those that I will 3D print), I will assemble the final product, and I ship it to you. I’m still not sure about who pays for what, but your role now is to watch the MMC forum for progress information, which I will post there when there’s anything worth mentioning.

Ken Bice

Thank you for explaining. I will check the forum every day to see if there are any updates . If you need to get a hold of me for any reason, text me at 415-407-4539. I can’t answer phone calls, but I check my texts all the time. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your help. Thank you so much.

@jakekoten we are not able to ship any parts into / within the US as Canadian entity. So we’re unable to help parts sourcing here directly. Our model is to be a repository of design files and information. While we have been lucky in the past to have some parts we could send to people, that isn’t something we do as a regular piece of our programming.

I also wanted to tag @noamplatt and @laraannegrant at they’ve built some LipSyncs recently and may have have some sourcing they can share for US Makers here. I’ll also tag @manager from the Bellingham Makerspace to see if they might be able to help out here too.

I hope this helps.

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@jakekoten I will begin searching for sources of the required parts.
As you can imagine, this may take a bit longer than I anticipated, but I will try to keep you updated on my progress.

A question to you, @jakekoten: will you be plugging this into a computer, or a gaming console? I’m pretty sure it’s different so I need to know. I will need to ask @MMC_Jake what’s different - I’ve only done the standard LipSync.

I’d recommend using the BOM and print files for V3.0. (

The hardware is basically the same, but there are some minor modifications to the rear housing that might be helpful.

In terms of version, both the LipSync Gaming and LipSync use the same hardware, the primary difference is the firmware (e.g. code). It is possible to change between the two by uploading the different firmware.

An Xbox adaptive controller. I am sorry you have to source the parts. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

@MMC_Jake I assume the Xbox adaptive controller would require the LipSync Gaming version, true? I’d like to know before I go too deep into this, ordering parts and assembling.
@jakekoten you can assume at least a month, though I will keep you posted. I am also mentoring high school and UW Madison engineering students, which will take up some of my time.
Luckily, I belong to a makerspace in Madison where we can fabricate the needed printed circuit boards needed for this. And the members there are knowledgeable enough to help me through this.

Yes, for use with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, you’ll need to use the LipSync Gaming firmware, which emulated a USB joystick.

You are completely right. I do want it to emulate a joystick and not a mouse. Thanks for catching that.

@jakekoten, for gaming, you may also want to look into the QuadStick ( It would require a 3rd party adapter for use with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, but it has additional inputs that can be useful for mapping to all the different gaming controls.

I will check it out more thoroughly. I looked at it when I bought the Xbox adaptive controller, but I thought a bunch of the features would be unusable for me. My breathing is compromised so activation using a sip and puff doesn’t work for me.

I do have really good use of my legs and feet so my plan was to use the lipsync to navigate and switches near my feet for the buttons and maybe a head mouse for the x and y axis. I would love any feedback you might have on different setups for people with no use of their hands.

Hi Ken,

The sources I use in the US are listed on the BOM and in the Manual you can download from GitHub. I believe the manual has more current links for one or two items, so I would start there. I needed to find a replacement for 1 or 2 generic parts due to things be obsolete or not available. I’ve put together a final spreadsheet of my own with links. If you would like to take a look, DM your email and I will share it with you.
Unfortunately, I’m at a stand-still right now because I can’t source the 2 items from Qosina for a couple of reasons. Please let me know if you have success sourcing them yourself.

@MMC_Jake - do you know of any sources in the US (people with extras or otherwise) where I can get the two Qosina components? I currently need 4 of each, thanks!


@jakekoten, if the extra sip and puff isn’t likely to be helpful, then the Quadstick might not be of much benefit. If you have good use of your legs, some foot and knee switches will probably be a better option. There is anything in the MMC library yet, but Warfighter Engaged does have some good knee switches (e.g.,, $50 USD + shipping, Out of stock as of 2021-Sep-04)

Hey Lara (@laraannegrant) - we’ve updated a couple of components lately (e.g. the 3 mm machine screws). If there are any other parts that are difficult to source, please let us know and and we’ll update the bill of materials.

We’re aware that the Qosina components are tricky to source in small quantities. In the past we were able to supply these from Canada but that is no longer an option. We’re working on an some alternatives, but it will be at least a couple more weeks at the earliest. Not aware of anyone with extras but will ask around.

We’re starting an overhaul of the LipSync hardware and finding more accessible option for these components is definitely on the list.


I was successful Friday in getting all the parts ordered. Now it’s down to receiving them all (only one is on backorder). I will keep you posted.