Request for LipSync Gaming (Pasadena, CA, USA)

Requestor: @magton513

Hi :wave:

I’m a C4 quadriplegic and I am requesting a Lipsync gaming for my XAC. I need it in order to play games requiring a second thumbstick (FPSs). I know there are some issues shipping parts to the US at the moment but thought I should my put in my request anyway. Just incase anything changes :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much,

MMC Entry .I.D: 7010

Hi Anton, I have just signed on to build a LipSync for another person in California! Knowing that your request was languishing here, I ordered enough parts to build two LipSyncs - one for the first person and one for you!
Just yesterday 9/3 I ordered all the parts for both devices.
There is one part on backorder with no idea when it will arrive, and the other 40+ parts(!) are in the process of being shipped to me.
Once I receive and sort them all, I will build both LipSyncs, and ship one to you.
We can go over details later, but it looks like your cost would be just over $230 for yours.
Mostly, I wanted you to know that I’m working on your case and that it will take some time to produce your LipSync.
I’ll be in touch through this MakersMakingChange forum, so please check in on it to find out any updates I might have for you.

Hey Ken! Thanks a lot for taking my request I’m definitely still interested. I’m aware of the issues with the parts and I’m in no rush to get it. I’m just happy it’s getting done :slightly_smiling_face: I check the forums everyday so you can message me anytime concerning the request.

Thanks again :grinning:

Things are progressing but there might be roadblocks - mostly parts shipments delayed.

In the meantime, as I await a deluge of incoming parts shipments, I’d like to get started with the 3D printed parts. So a question to you: what color would you like?

My current inventory has white, black, brown, red, blue and skin tone. The brown is kind of mocha. The red is a fire engine red. The skin tone is a caucasian.

Black would be fine for me. Thanks ken😀

I mentioned there may be roadblocks. There are a few problematic parts, but one is not available anywhere, and may be caught up in the global chip shortage, causing a months-long delay on delivery. Sorry, but it’s a vital part that can’t be duplicated. The other problematic parts are being worked on by MMC, trying to create a channel where they can be sourced.

The chip shortage has really been hurting everyone. I’ve only recently been able to get a Xbox because they were always out. Hopefully it’ll be easier in the coming months. I’m not really in a rush though. Thanks for the update ken😀