Request for LipSync Gaming (Memphis, TN, USA)

Requestor: @lavalantula


I have Muscular Dystrophy and use an eyetracker to move my mouse cursor/aim. I need the LipSync Gaming to use as a joystick to move my character in fps games on pc and to play platformers on console with my family. I have the xbox adaptive controller + Logitech button kit.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

MMC Entry .I.D: 6503
MMC Library Device Page:


@noamplatt @carolinehartley5510 was wondering if either of your groups would want to help out here.

@lavalantula Thanks for reaching out. The New Orleans chapter can help fill this request. Are you looking for someone to build this device for you (~$100 for parts)? If so, we have a group locally in New Orleans that can put this together (SCALE labs is the group).

Additionally, Lipsync Gaming can be ordered complete directly from the MMC website for ~$200. If you are hoping to get his device sooner then later, that might be a better option. Either delivery pathway works for us, its really up to your preference. Let us know!

Noam Platt

@noamplatt That’s great news. I am looking for some one to build the LS Gaming.

Do you think going the build route will take a few weeks longer, or a few months longer than ordering direct?


I would estimate it would take 1-2 months for this to be built locally in New Orleans. It would be the first LS Gaming built by our local maker, so I have hesitant to give you a quicker delivery date.

Doing a quick look at the electronic component order website - it looks like 4 semiconductor components are also on backorder, that could push the delivery back even farther.

With the lack component availability in mind, I think your best course it to order a built device from MMC. Sorry I am couldn’t be more helpful on the build of the device. If you need anything printed to mount the device, please let me know.


Ok, thanks for the update. I will figure out which way I want to go and let you know soon. :+1:

Will this desk mount work? It has a 5/8 adapter and can support up to 5 lbs.

Yes I believe that Gooseneck device will work - this is the one recommended in the LipSync manual ( It looks very similar. I would like @MMC_Jake to confirm.


@lavalantula the mounting arm that you linked looks like a reasonable option, though that is not something we’ve tested directly. The LipSync can be mounted using either the 1/4" directly, or the 1/4" - 5/8" adapter. (The LipSync includes a 1/2" NPT - 5/8" adapter and a 5/8" - 1/4" adapter).

The only concern is how much flexibility it will have during use; you need to push on the LipSync mouthpiece and this can cause the mounting arm to deflect. This is a little different usage than just holding a camera or light still. However, it looks like the arms lock in place with serrated teeth, so this might not be a problem.