Request for Laser Cut Keyguards (Indian Springs Village, AL, USA)

Requestor: @aphuff76

My daughter uses LAMP WFL app in an iPad(5th generation) and we’re looking for a new keygaurd. The one she is currently using is flimsy and breaks easily. I’ll attach the link to it and to the case we’re using as well.
This is the case we currently use
And this is the keygaurd we currently use

Please let me know if need any more info (I wasn’t sure how much to include in this request)
Thank you for your time
-April Hudson

MMC Entry .I.D: 6824

Hi April @aphuff76,

What causes the keyguard to break? When does it break? While it’s attached to the tablet or when it’s sitting free?


She pulls on it and after some time & multiple pulls, it snaps. Also I think the case doesn’t fit around the iPad very tightly so the keygaurd doesn’t fit tightly over the screen. There is a bit of wiggle room so she’s able to get her hand behind it and pulls. (Does that make sense?)

April @aphuff76,

Contact me via the form on this page -


Just checking: Is this request in progress?

I’m within driving distance of this one if not.

I thought there was guy working on it but he’s kinda disappeared. So I guess no

Not sure why your email ended up in my junk folder… Just sent you an email message.

Hi Chris,
Do you have a laser cutter?