Request for Laser Cut Eye Gaze Board (Rossmoor, CA, USA)

Requestor: @gmafi

Our son, Gabriel, is 5 years old and has Trisomy 18. He is non-verbal and mobile, and his orthopedic issues prohibit his using his hands or legs to push buttons or otherwise communicate. However, he has excellent vision and we have had success with eye gaze boards with his speech teacher. We cannot find one to purchase and are turning to you to allow him to communicate with us outside of the 1.5 hours of speech therapy each week. we will be happy to pay shipping and thank you for your time.

MMC Entry .I.D: 6298
Device Link:

Hi @gmafi,

My roommate just brought home some spare acrylic that we can use in our laser cutter, and I believe it’s large enough to make this eye gaze board. If you can advise on the details of what stickers go where on it, I would be happy to try making this and mailing it to you.

Chris Bero

@gmafi are you still looking for this device?