Request for Keyguard for TouchChat HD AAC app (Newton, MA, USA)

Requestor: @lorenmcmahon

Have an Adobe file with the specific keyguard that needs to be laser cut

MMC Entry .I.D: 6792

Hi @lorenmcmahon,

If you can’t find someone to laser-cut your keyguard for free, you might want to take advantage of a special offer by Keyguard AT. They will cut your keyguard (and warrant it) for $30, if you give them a ready design. They normally look for SVG files but you might be able to get them to take your PDF(?) instead. The web page for their service is:

Good luck,

I could cut the keyguard, need the file and an idea for the thickness, I regularly cut 1/8" and 1/4" in clear acrylic. I also cut 1/8" black High density Polyethylene, (quite tough material not easily damaged very flexible)