Request for Key Turner

Local request for a key turner!

Device files here:
Can you help? If so please reply below!

@ktulloch local request if you and Elliot can help! Or @fawzan.fsl ?

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I can help out!

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Hi! I’m from Vancouver, BC. Is help still needed for this?

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Hi Julia! Welcome to the forum and thanks for offering to help!
@fawzan.fsl was this delivered already or could Julia help?
Let me know and I can connect them to each other if needed!

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Hi @MMC_Zee and @juliacpaler

Apologies for the delay in response and welcome to the forum!

The Key Turner has not been delivered, as of yet.

Hi @fawzan.fsl

Thanks! Okay, does that mean help is still needed? If so, feel free to message me :slight_smile:

Hi Fawzan thx for the update- have you been in contact with the user lately?

Hi Zee and Julia,

I have not been in touch with the user.

I believe help would be needed if the user requires the key turner.

What kind of help do you need? I can try one last time to connect you to the requester if that’s what you need

Hi Zee,

I have not been in contact with the requester.

Would you be okay trying to connect me with them, once again?

Once I get in touch with them, I can print and mail the key turner to them


They have not replied- I think this is a stale request Fawzan so don’t worry about it.
I will remove this request

Sounds good, no worries!

Is there another 3D Printing request that I could help MMC with?

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