Request for intricate soldering work (Seattle, Washington)

Reference photos:

I have a puff and sip controller for my computer but it’s form factor doesn’t work for me so I’m modifying it. The one part I can’t do on my own (I have a physical disability) is desoldering and extending with wiring, the analog stick module.

The contact points I need to work on are densely surrounded by other components. On the attached circuit diagram, the 6 contact points I need desoldered are highlighted in yellow. Once they are desoldered, I want 11 cm extension wires to be soldered in their place. There is no need to reattach the joystick module, I can do that myself since it doesn’t require delicate soldering.

Please respond with a brief summary of your soldering experience. Thanks in advance.

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Paging @Bham_makerspace @manager @vhunter27 - any solders with the skills in your area?

If there is no one local, I could ship it.

I’ve have got two good prospects. I left messages for both of them. The Makerspace has all the tools for surface mount soldering, hot air re-work station, reflow oven etc incase more sophisticated tools are needed to complete the work. I expect one of the guys has time to help. I will bump them again if I don’t hear from them this weekend.
~. Mary


I might be able to help you. I own desoldering station and required tools.


I have someone who can do this. They are an electrical test engineer at Alpha Technologies in Bellingham. How would you like to proceed? Would you like to interview her? Or schedule a pick up? Please advise.

~. Mary

Thank you for your offer. I have the device all packed up with the needed materials except for solder/solder paste. Could we coordinate a pickoff/drop off sometime this week?

Thank you for looking into this. I would be happy to work with her but I was contacted by Sun Ya initially so I will be awaiting their reply before moving forward. Thank you for your time.

I haven’t heard back from Sun Ya yet. Is your contact still interested? If so, could we schedule a pickup or drop-off?

Just tagging @jprtry and @manager for visibility.

If you can message me privately, I can share the shipping address.

I left you my contact info in a DM. If there is still a need, don’t hesitate to bump me. Cheeers.