Request for Finger Pencil Holder – Vertical

Request for Finger Pencil Holder – Vertical

Request Note:
I am a quadriplegic with limited hand and finger function. I am looking for a way to help hold a pen at the correct angle for writing.

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@will @mlevac @michaeljd33 @mike2 @loretod @FutureMakersAcademy @Bham_makerspace @labrewster can any fulfill this one in Georgia? Prob needs ajustment re size.
Same user also has a few other requests if you check under

Hey Zee. We are a bit covered at the moment in requests. Let us know if no one is able to help by the end of this month. Thanks!

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I can make one and send out! Let me know where to ship it.

no prob

@loreto thx for replying!! you can send a private message to Ken(same way you DM me just type his user name) he usually answers his messsages and can send his address. @mlevac may already be helping with this one? I know @kenbjyoung2 has a few requests that people have replied to, but not sure about this one being matched already or not. Might need finger measurements

That would be great. I appreciate your time and efforts. I have not yet tried a pen holder like this and am looking forward to this one. Please let me know if I can help cover material or shipping costs.

Ken Young

No worries I got it! I’ll shoot you a message when it’s getting shipped out. I haven’t printed it yet either so it’ll be a first for us both .

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Thx for doing this Loreto!

@loretodalt just checking in-is this one completed?

Yes, I sent it out. There may be another request at some other time for more customized sizing.

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Thx for being awesome