Request for Customizable, 3D Printable Keyguard for Grid-based, Free-form, and Hybrid AAC Apps on Tablets (Lower Merion Township, PA, USA)

Requestor: @anikolos23

My son is 3 1/2 and I am looking for someone to help make this for my sons Tablet to use a 3D keyguard onto his ipad since we are starting to teach him about ACC Tech for Speech therapy for Virtual school and therapies outpatient. He has CVI so the Color Red would work best to match his current Ipad case which is RED.

MMC Entry .I.D: 6395


Are you located in Canada or the US?



Hello, I am located in Pennsylvania, USA

Hi @anikolos23, @thomasd is in Philly area and may be able to help out.

Just followed up via email. We are working on a few things for them at the moment :slight_smile: