Request for Curved Dyslexia Bar

Request Submission;
I’m a teenager who struggles with dyslexia. I feel a bit guilty requesting this, as I know there are people who use this service who have more urgent needs than I, but I’ve been looking for a dedicated reading bar for a while and this is the only place I’ve been able to find one. Having such a simple tool would make reading so much more manageable for me. I’d be deeply appreciative to whoever is able to build this for me. @kennedyrostek
Here is the device:

Please reply to the thread below if you can help!

@MMC_Stewart might be a great request to ask the gov workers you trained to help with?
Anyone else come to mind in Ottawa with a 3D printer? I can provide a template email I’ve been using to ask them and encourage them to join the forum to reply

@MMC_Zee - I can print this from Brooklyn, NY and ship it out by the end of the week.

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Thanks Stephen - and welcome! Shipping to Canada might be a little pricey for you.

We do have a whole load of users in Ottawa itself that this might be a literal drop-off for them.

Great, I’ll be on standby if you need me.


Vancouver teen happy to print for an Ottawa teen. :slight_smile:

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@kennedyrostek sounds like @ktulloch can help you! Thanks so much!

Let me know your colour preference. I have white, black, or a light blue in stock right now.

Krista & Elliott

Hi Krista & Elliot!

I responded to you reply with a private message but I’ll respond here just to be safe. Black would be perfect. Thank you so much for your help!

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@ktulloch Hello!
Just checking in,wondering how this request is coming along? Can I help I anyway?

Done, mailed and received!



Awesome! thanks so much Krista and Elliot for being makers of change! We really appreciate you donating your time and printer to help!
@kennedyrostek we would love to hear your review of what you think of the device! Just click the link below and then click Review!

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