Request for Bag Carrier for Arthritis (Manorville, PA, USA)

Requestor: @swampymae

I have psoriatic arthritis and would love to try this out. Anything you can do to make life easier is greatly appreciated. I found you thru a tiktoker which is awesome! Im so excited to try this product and cant wait to receive it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

MMC Entry .I.D: 6551


Hi @swampymae,

I’d be glad to help out and 3D Print a Bag Carrier for Arthritis, free of charge!!

Please feel free to send me a direct message or an email to, and we can figure out more details.


@fawzan.fsl thanks for offering to help with this one. As @swampymae is located just outside Pittsburgh, let me see if local Chapter Leader @jrobinson can help out.

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No worries @MMC_Justin and sounds good!

@thomasd @FutureMakersAcademy I also wanted to loop you in to see if you’d be interested in helping get this request made since this request is in your area as well.