Request for 45degree switch

We’re in Ardrossan (east of Edmonton) looking for a maker of a 45 degree switch.


Hi @monikamacdonald welcome to the community!

So in theory, a switch could be mounted at 45 degrees a few ways:

Many on the mounting brackets on website allow a camera arm to be connected, so it could be placed at any angle reallh.

The question I have do you know what switch you are looking for (wide, small, light touch, proximity, etc) and where the switch wpuld be placed - table, off wheelchair, etc.

Happy to help. Let us know if you have more info or need help to suss out best solution.

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Small switch, green in colour on a black bag round (son has a visual impairment and is better able to sect things on dark backgrounds).
I did see a button zip tied to an adjustable arm that would work. It has to stay in place even if by Velcro.

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@monikamacdonald Great to see you were able to access the form and get this posted! As I mentioned in my emails I have a maker that wants to connect with you to see if they could help you out. I will tag Warren here @leungkam and he will be able to reach out to get started. As Chad said, we would be more than happy to help you out in the process.

@monikamacdonald a good first step would be to go through the device library and find a switch that you think would work. That way Warren has an idea of a switch he could develop. Note that all the colours on the switches can change since they are 3d printed.


Thanks @Tyler_Fentie for connecting me with @monikamacdonald.
I look forward to working on this and helping whichever ways I can!


Thinking the interact switch would work
Interact Switch:

Do you want to set up a meeting to touch base on how we want to proceed?


It’s all good-just keep us in the loop by posting updates here if you could. I will move this request to “in progress” so other makers know its been taken on! Thanks for being awesome Warren!

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Thank you! I will have a look. Should I just tag Warren if I find one?

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Warren that sounds great. (New here so still learning the ropes). Zoom? Phone? What do you have in mind?

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Let’s do zoom. It’ll be easier to screen share if needed

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Sounds great! We can do Monday after lunch or Tuesday after 10. Or Thursday during the day. Throw out some times that work did you Warren?

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Monday March 8th at 1pm works for you?

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Sorry Warren didn’t mean to leave you hanging we had a few rough days here. Tomorrow (Wednesday) after 1 Pm or Friday after 1PM we can do!

Hi Monika,

No worries at all. I was actually going to reach out today! I hope things are now going better.
Friday 1.15pm works for you?

Thank you. That works great. I imagine you need my email?

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Not necessarily, I can just schedule something.
Here is the link!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 943 9547 1603
Passcode: q2YYVY

So I delivered the 2 switches and here are a few things that maybe some future makers could consider when making it.

  • The switch that was proposed on BOM is small and fits nicely in the STL file provided. However, keep in mind that this specific switch usually has a very long lead time (in my case there was a back order + a usual lead time of 28 weeks).
  • There is another switch that can be obtained fairly quickly but the latter would add a slight overall height/ thickness of the switch. If a maker were to use it, the maker would have to ensure that during 3D printed part would have a slight added height and depth in the 2 components that are printed.
  • Regarding the 3 legged part under the cap, it dictates how sturdy/loose the click is. You can check if the requested item needs to be more sturdy (seen as the orange button in my video) or looser (seen with the green button). Gluing one of the legs when putting them under the cap will help with that.

Here is the video of me testing of 2 the switches


Thanks so much for the work @leungkam!

@MMC_Jake this request can be closed :slight_smile:

Hi leungkam,
Awesome feedback-- thank you. With the SS-3GPT, is it possible to bend the leads to the side to make them fit well into the 3D printed part? The next time I make an order from DigiKey, I’ll order some SS-3GP variants to try out and see how they fit. Making a variant of the “base” and “cap holder” to accommodate the larger leads on the SS-3GPT would be simple.

For the 3-legged part-- it sounds like when you inserted it into the cap, it was a bit loose and needed some glue? If so, can I ask what printer you used for printing it? Also, did you do anything that would have increased the size of the pockets that it sits in? (i.e. clearing out support material?)

Thank you for the great feedback!