Request for 3D Printed Educational Devices Kit (Westmount, QC, Canada)

Requestor: @amlacombe

Hi ! I work in a public library in Quebec and I am interested in developing more services, programs, events on accessibility. The 3D Printed Educational Devices kit looks amazing. I will pay for it, of course.

I am a maker as well ; I was a charge of a makerspace in a previous position at another public library. I am fluent in 3D printing. We used Ultimaker printers at my previous library. I do not currently have a 3D printer at my library though, nor do I have one at home (it will come though!). Thank you very much!

MMC Entry .I.D: 6687

@amlacombe Great! Welcome to our community! What we can do next is see if a local makers in Quebec (or anywhere!) can help assist with making the kit, or we can send you one from my office here in Nova Scotia. Will be in touch with progress!

Thank you ! No rush.