Request for 3D Printed Educational Devices Kit (Lafayette, LA, USA)

Requestor: @patty2

What a great kit!! I am an AT Support Specialist in Louisiana and in the process of trying to get some of our area high schools into the maker “business.” I would LOVE to show this kit when I make my proposals. Thank you so much!!

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Hey @patty2 -

We are making some kits in New Orleans with @James_Cat. We can put one together and send it over to ya’ll in Lafayette. I have also presented to some local high schools on 3D printing and assistive design. Let me know if MMC NOLA can help you in any way.

MMC NOLA Chapter Leader


Hi @patty2, @noamplatt just wanted to check in to see how you’re making out with this request.

@James_Cat Is printing the 3D printed parts, and I will assist with the electronic assembly. James- do you have a timeline on when the 3D printed parts will be complete?

I have ordered the hardware components for the dice spinner and switch.

Sorry for the delay on this one, we are getting it moving forward.

We have this printed by next Wednesday. I do have some parts already printed if you want them sooner Noam.

That sounds great @James_Cat.

Patty - @patty2 - I will collect the parts from James on Wednesday and send them over to yall in Lafayette. We wont have the dice spinner and switch completed at that time, but the kit will include everything else. I will send those 2 electronic items a couple weeks after that.


@patty2- all of the non-electronic assistive devices will be ready on Thursday, please send me the shipping address - you can email me

On Friday I am leaving town for a week, so if I don’t get the address by Thursday, I’ll send them when I get back.


@patty2 - A quick update - All of the devices are ready except the dice spinner, I will be receiving the motors for that in a couple days. The switch is ready and works great. PM me for delivery!