Projects for school children with parental assistance

With remote schooling, many parents are self organizing group learning activities for children. One local group will be meeting at a cabinet makers shop weekly to build useful items for other people. Are there any projects that would work well? Parts could be prepped in advance and the parents could handle any challenging tasks at the events. Learning something from the process and having a beneficial finished product that can benefit others are the primary objectives.

I was thinking cases for the memory loss music player or PVC mounts could be options. One of the planned projects is making beds for children in need. If anyone has ideas, I would welcome your input.


What sort of tools and equipment would be available?

I am checking on the details. I assume typical woodworking tools and equipment but I don’t know if its a small one person shop or a larger production setup. Components could be prepped at other locations. In the community we have access to almost any type of tools and equipment including CNC and laser cutters to 3D printers.

Hi, I’m interested in creating a similar group. How are you doing? What equipment did you choose finally?

Hi Frank,

What kind of group would you like to create? Do you have a project in mind?

We never ended up starting the group but I am still interested in creating something along those lines. Our local Maker Space recently built bookcases for an organization that serves children in foster care. Members cut out the plywood bookcases on the CNC. This worked out well because many people take the tool checkout classes and then need a first project to do on their own. Another group of volunteers handled the finishing and assembly. We are looking at using this same format for some other community focused projects.