Portable Document Scanning Stand


Stage Ideation
Project Need Agility / Dexterity, Mobility, Vision
Created By Neal Mckenzie
Capabilities Needed 3D Printing
Time to Complete
Cost to Build
Creative Commons License attribution-4-0-international

The modern day cell phone has emerged as a true champion for helping people with disabilities gain access to the world around them. So many apps have amazing OCR abilities which can turn printed text in digital text which can then be accessed by someone who is blind or has low vision. The struggle is to accurately scan a full sized document. Most blind specific apps will give you voice guided help but it’s still a difficult task especially when scanning multiple pages. I would love some help in creating a minimal cost portable scanner using a few 3D printed parts or using cardboard or other easily found materials so that struggling departments all over could easily re-create for there kids who could benefit from this.

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Do you just need 3D printing for this project or is it also design? You can contact us at frcriptide4118@pky.ufl.edu

I attended a workshop with Therese WillKomme. She created a stand with coroplast (corrugated plastic salvaged from an election sign!) for pics. The height is 10" (distance from camera to document) so that the camera is far enough to focus on the document – this may depend on the phone used.

See pic at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xoygexe46reqe53/20200511_172415.jpg?dl=0


AT MacGyver Therese Willkomm’s Portable Scan and Read Station

I’ve seen her make a more compact one from coroplast recently, but the end result is still a successful solution in “5 minutes or less” :wink: