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Hi I am Zee Kesler and I am the Community Coordinator at Makers Making Change. During the COVID pandemic, many of our chapters have pivoted to get involved in PPE efforts. I am inspired to see how many makers are stepping up to help out during this time!

Below, I will post some links to groups I came across online. There are so many these are just a few I’ve come across but please add more!

Note: I cannot guarantee the PPE these groups are creating is in accordance with our COVID-19 Guidelines for Makers, so I recommend you direct whichever groups you are working with to read over the above link before creating PPE for any medical professionals or community members.

National Request and Donation Sites:

1 Million Masks Getting Protective Equipment (PPE) to Our Healthcare Heroes. Healthcare workers are front line fighters against COVID-19, but they face critical shortages of Personal Protective Equipment nationwide.

Maker Mask-NIH approved for community use 3D Printable Respirator Quality Masks.

Burners Without Borders We’re asking Burners to go through their playa bins and take out clean, unused, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as N95 masks, goggles, and gloves to donate to medical centers in need. #BWBPrepared

Find The Find where you can donate your masks or other personal protective equipment (PPE) in your local area #findthemasks

MaskUp2020 We match PPE donors with providers. Free Shipping. #maskup

3D Printer OS Save lives, volunteer your 3D printers to fight COVID-19 now!

PPE Link We are asking organizations if you have personal protective equipment items in stock, and can provide them to hospitals in your area. Help the People that Are Saving Us.We are donating 3D Printed Shields, Ear Savers, Reusable Masks, and Ventilator Parts for medical staff to fight COVID-19.#3Dc19

Get Them PPE [#GetUsPPE] Matching site for makers and medical professionals

Coronavirus Tech Handbook is a crowd-sourced library for technologists, civic organisations, public and private institutions, researchers, and specialists of all kinds working on responses to the pandemic. It is a rapidly evolving resource with thousands of expert contributors.

Region Specific PPE Initiatives


Alberta: FUSE33 Calgary and PPE Fundraiser Here YYC Covid-19 Volunteers

Face Sheilds for Foothills Alberta Okotoks

British Columbia: Vancouver Makers for Emergency Response and Support This group is for makers in Vancouver to support our frontlines in emergencies. Current focus on SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19. Volunteers fill out info here

PPE for Midwives and Health Care Workers Vancouver BC area.

Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies BC Vancouver and BC

GVRD Face 3D-Printing Directory

Ontario: 3D printing
The Canadian Shield Inksmith 3D printing PPE project
Brock U Makerspace COVID-19 PPE Fabrication of COVID PPE

Nova Scotia: Makers Circle of Halifax Facebook Group



Bellingham Makerspace 3D printed PPE and masks If you are in need of PPE, would like to help us make PPE, or can support us through our donation campaign, we invite you to join us!

Crafters Against COVID-19 PPE Seattle Facebook Group: If you have a sewing machine and some basic skills you can help in a big way! We are a group dedicated to creating masks for medical centers, hospice organizations, homelessness workers, etc. in the Seattle Metro area.

Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies Designs on this page that have been evaluated and approved by the OSMS Medical Team will be explicitly flagged as vetted, and included in our Medical Supply Guide. All other designs posted in the files tab, posts, or comments on the group are unevaluated, are not endorsed by OSMS, and should be treated with caution.

Seattle/Everett COVID19 PPE Maker Supplies Go Fund Me

Florida: [Gainsville Hackerspace Makers against COVID] Altavian is setting up a non-profit to accept donations and to distribute PPE masks to frontline medical professionals in need. Read about our response on our blog.

Virginia: Valley Makers Association 3D Printed PPE and Sewn face masks group in Winchester Virginia

Michigan: Michigan Area Maker / Requestor PPE Connection Site

NYC: NYC Makes PPE Know how to sew? NYC Makes PPE is seeking volunteers to produce 100% cotton face masks. Fundraiser link here

Hack Manhattan COVID-19 PPE Fundraiser link here

New Mexico: Make Sante Fe MAKE Santa Fe is currently devoting all resources to manufacturing masks and face shields for SARS-COV-2 response.

** Please feel to add your links!**

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Pneumask is a reusable full-face snorkel mask PPE There are groups working on these mask conversations around the globe. Our local program in Ann Arbor, Michigan is making 2,000.

Protect-Michigan is working on a variety of PPE but is focused on a Powered Air Purifier (PAPR)

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