Plate raiser

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Description of Idea:
I am looking for an item that would lift the height of a dinner plate up by 4-5". This would make it easier for people with Parkinsons or other movement disorders to bring their cutlery to their mouth without food dropping off of it. There are similar products such as Meal Lifters - which are not available in Canada. As an OT I often recommend building up the height of a plate with either a text book or a tray.

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MMC Edit: Added Meal Lifters Link.

This device is great, and a good example of an extremely simple and straightforward device that should be widely available.

I have called Kansas City Home Medical Supply (one of the retailers of this device) and they said they may be able to ship to Canada via UPS or FedEx, they want the requester to reach out to them at this email:

Please send your address and they will let you know if they can ship up to Canada.

Additionally, I am happy to 3D model a similar device and see if someone in Canada or the USA can 3D print this for you. I would offer to print and send myself but this is too large to fit on my personal printer.

Let us know your thoughts.


How about using a section of 8" PVC pipe? Might check with some local builders, they may have short pieces laying around.


you might check with a Builders Union

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I used a this once since its plastic and can be washed, just flipped it over.

We are working on a ceramic model that would be durable and washable, would the requester (or anyone else) be interested in a ceramic piece? We think it would have a good weight to it and look good as part of a table setting.

MMC Nola

Scale this as needed

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And ADD some dycem on both sides so it doesn’t slip on the table or the bowl side.

Hi @mmooney2, The meal lifter seems like a great solution at the price of a meal at a restaurant. You say its not available in Canada?. Isn’t it an online shop or is there embargo on such stuff?
Looking forward to your answer